Sunday, July 3, 2016

Learning a new art

I have been teaching myself how to play the violin on and off for about 7 months now. One thing I learned from this is that it is very difficult to commit to learning something by yourself. There is always something or the other that feels more important than the thing you are trying to learn. This is particularly true if the skill that you are trying to learn doesn't directly relate to your area of study/work.

But, when I do practice, it is extremely satisfying and it makes me happy. Until now I had never understood why would people devote their whole lives towards playing an instrument. But, now I realise that this satisfaction and happiness is what drives people to commit their whole lives towards an art. The sense of achievement when I overcome a particularly difficult exercise or a part of a music piece is extraordinary. I feel the same sense of achievement when I try to learn a new language or when I answer a quiz question that stumped everyone in the room. I think that these moment of happiness and satisfaction are worth the effort it takes to make any kind of progress while learning anything new. 

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